Genomatix Inc. in Germany


Genomatix Inc. in Germany

Genomatix is a privately held company headquartered in Munich, Germany (2008 information)

Genomatix offers

aimed at understanding gene regulation at the molecular level representing a central part of systems biology.

Gene regulation is the basic principle ruling any subsequent metabolic pathways, signaling cascades and their interweaving into biological networks of a living cell.

Any expression profile observed by a micro array experiment is determined by gene regulatory effects.

Their multilayer integrative approach is a working implementation of systems biology principles. We combine sequence analysis, functional promoter analysis, proprietary genome annotation, promoter sequence databases, comparative genomics, scientific literature data mining, pathway databases, biological network databases, pathway analysis, network analysis, and expression profiling into working solutions and pipelines.

They try to get better understanding of biological mechanisms under different conditions and stimuli in the biological context of your data.

Their team has more than a decade of scientific expertise in the successful application of computer aided analysis of gene regulatory networks, which is reflected by more than 150 peer reviewed scientific publications from Genomatix' scientists.

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