Genome diagnostics


Mission: Genome Diagnostics aims to offer accurate diagnostic tools to facilitate donor/recipient matching, ultimately leading to higher success rates of bone-marrow, cord blood and stem cell transplantations.


Company History

The development of strategies for sequencing based HLA typing for bone marrow and stem cell transplantation started at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands in the early nineties. Gradually, UMCU became the worldwide expertise centre for high resolution HLA typing with, amongst others, dr. ir. Erik Rozemuller, as leading scientist on bioformatics. In 2002, a First Stage Grant of Biopartner was allocated to the UMCU to valorise the developed expertise on tissue typing. 

On 1st of March 2005 the company was co-founded by Erik Rozemuller, Wietse Mulder and UMC participaties BV. Since 2006 the company has been located in the new facilities of UMC holding, Alexander Numan building. Having established its high resolution HLA typing analysis software and assays, GenDx has recently expanded into the Personalised Medicine field, developing pyrosequencing-based assays for Companion Diagnostics tests.