HiSeq 2000

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HiSeq 2000: Description

  • Flow cells are easily loaded on the vacuum-controlled loading dock.
  • Pre-configured, plug-and-play reagents sufficient for up to 200 cycles drop into racks in the machine's chiller compartment, requiring only two minutes of hands-on time.
  • A simple touch screen user interface, including on-screen, step-by-step instructions with embedded multimedia help, simplifies run setup.
  • Real-time progress indicators provide at-a-glance status, and remote monitoring allows a single user to check progress on multiple systems from any browser or internet-enabled phone.
  • HiSeq 2000 can be operated in single or dual flow cell mode, offering unmatched experimental flexibility and instrument scalability.
  • Independently-operable flow cells allow applications requiring different read lengths to run simultaneously.
  • Illumina's efficient and scalable data analysis solution for transforming billions of bases of raw sequencing data into publishable, biologically meaningful results is included.
  • HiSeq 2000 has two 8-lane flow cells, as compared to the single flow cell on the GA, and images both the top and bottom surfaces of the flow cell